Yorkshire Water Common Terms Agreement

Subject to the applicable law and as stipulated in it, the issuer concerned may, at its sole discretion, modify or revoke the terms of the request to amend the application (except for the expiry period) at any time. MUS received the contract for infrastructure networks and the customer-oriented contract with its corporate colleagues. The infrastructure network contract includes the implementation of infrastructure pipeline projects for clean facilities and sewage treatment plants. The customer-oriented contract program includes the internal flood, lead replacement and small plant package. John Rodgers, MUS Contract Manager, added: “We are very pleased to have secured these two major framework contracts that will extend our long-term relationship with Yorkshire Water until the next AMP7 period. We are now working with Yorkshire Water on three contracts that will provide many opportunities for drinking water, wastewater and civil engineering projects. As a Yorkshire water partner, our goal will be to continue to work collaboratively and continue to find progressive ways to promote safety, efficiency and innovation, while providing its customers with a world-class service. The capitalized terms used and not defined in this notice have the meaning assigned to them in the invitation memorandum of March 18, 2020 (the “invitation memorandum”). As part of PR19, Ofwat used a new position, “revenue reprofiling,” to build YWS`s authorized sales. YWS was not aware of this change of presentation until the final provision was published by Ofwat on December 16, 2019. The “Revenue Re-profiling” item was introduced to achieve a smooth billing and billing profile, but with a net zero effect on YWS`s revenues via the AMP. The concept of “revenue re-profiling” is not new, but in the previous exercise review, the smoothing effect was achieved through the adjustment of RCV`s run-off position and the impact of calculating interest rate coverage rates in the CTA through the introduction of interest hedges.

In its current submission, Ofwat introduced an amount in the construction of authorized revenue instead of adjusting the percentage rate of the RCV sequence. A full description of the conditions of the application for leave is presented in the appeal memorandum. Bondholders are invited to access copies read only of the invitation memorandum, oxera`s report, referred to in the “change conditions,” and an investor presentation that was created on www.netroadshow.com/nrs/home/#!/?show=68bd0612 or by www.netroadshow.com visit via NetRoadshow and which was entered with the yW2020 entry code (not in the event of a scrappage). Yorkshire Water Services Finance Limited and Yorkshire Water Finance plc (together the “issuers”) today announced a request for approval for the following series of bonds (the “bonds”): the day of payment, which is expected to take place on the business day following the announcement of the STID results, if the STID proposal is adopted. Morrison Utility Services (MUS) has signed two new contracts for the delivery of the Yorkshire Water programme. With regard to the provision or withdrawal of electronic voting instructions, through clearing systems, of bondholders holding Euroclear or Clearstream bonds, Luxembourg should take note of the specific practice of the compensation system concerned, including the previous deadlines set by this clearing system. Bondholders are not allowed to collect the instruction fee if they do not submit a valid electronic instruction received by the tab manager at or before the expiry of the instruction fee, or if they revoke their instructions at the expiry of the education fee or cancel their obligations before the payment date.