Since we started the Foodbarn in 2006, we’ve tasted a lot of wine. In doing so, we have become mates with so many of the awesome people responsible for crafting the delicious offerings we take such great delight in imbibing.

These passionate folk, their commitment to their craft, and their sense of adventure is inextricably linked to what we do, and how we do it.

We look forward to each tasting with much anticipation … the catch-up, the farm update, news on the current vintage, background to each wine we are about to try, the actual tasting, sharing our thoughts, pairing to some delicious food, and … there is always an interesting story!

wine @ the deli is the expression of all these experiences and the relationships we have developed with these people


The theory is to stock wines from these folk that we have got to know over the years, those that you possibly won’t get anywhere else close by, from those estates that have come to the party when we’ve been looking for wine partners, and those wines that we’ve actually been involved in producing. Thats right, we’ve now got 7 different wines under our own label … wines that we’ve crafted with our friends … wines that we really enjoy drinking … wines with a story



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