tapas and miss molly

At Môreson, they are passionate about 4 things …wine, food, people and their animals. Miss Molly is the beloved Weimaraner that reigns supreme on the farm. So, when the Miss Molly range was developed, Môreson decided to donate a portion of every bottle to the South African Guide Dogs Association and Animals in Distress.

We could not think of a more perfect partner for a tapas wine evening!

Franck has created a delicious tapas styled menu and paired it to the Miss Molly range of wines … imagine tuna sashimi, mussel and saffron risotto, seared fillet and pannacotta all paired to the delicious range of Miss Molly wines.

When … this Saturday starting at 7pm, cost of R185 for all your food and wine.

I know where I am going to be … hope to see you there!

we love our community market…

The Foodbarn at Noordhoek Community Market

look at this delicious sausage ….. one of the few killer tapas we serve on thursdays at our local community market on Cape Point Vineyards estate…our little menu there will evolve, and as winter gets colder, we will get you warmer… see you there…

foodbarn tapas… an ideal venue for a celebration

As many of you have already found out, the Tapas Bar has fast become a popular venue for any celebration. Whether you are getting together for book club, your companies end of year work function or a birthday party, we offer the ideal location for a kick-ass evening!

The added bonus is that your wallet will not feel the pressure … for tables of 10 or more, we offer a R150 menu incorporating the delicious tastes and textures from Franck’s menu … and a very reasonably priced wine list.

Contact Mike on 021 789 1966 or to arrange your evening.




so … what is this “tapas” food?

The word “tapas” comes from the Spanish verb “taper” which means ‘to cover”

Legend has it that King Alfonso of Castile, while recovering from an illness, drank wine with small dishes between meals. This made him feel so much better, he decided that all taverns would not be allowed to serve wine unless it was accompanied by a small snack or “tapa”.
It has also been suggested that the original tapas were the slices of bread or meat (ham or chorizo) which Sherry drinkers used to cover their glasses between sips … to stop flies from hovering over the sweet sherry. The salty snacks caused patrons to consume more sherry and eventually became just as important.


Another common theory is that since one would often be standing while eating a tapa in traditional Spanish bars, plates would be placed on top of their drinks to eat, making it a “top”.
Some believe the name originated around the 16th century when tavern owners found that the strong taste and smell of mature cheese could help disguise that of bad wine … thus “covering” it … they then started offering free cheese when serving cheap wine!


So, we believe while there are some fun theories about the beginnings of tapas, the reality of this awesome style of food today is that it is a smaller dish of something else on the menu, or it may be served exclusively as tapas.
Wherever you are, eating tapas has this undeniable attraction of bringing people together to eat a variety of delicious dishes, consume some superb wine, and to have fun … a natural extension of the Deli 🙂
The Foodbarn Tapas Bar is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 6pm and bookings are becoming essential … we look forward to spoiling you!


tapas @ the deli

Tapas! The word on everyone’s mouths at the Foodbarn.
The idea for Tapas at the Foodbarn was conceived quite a while ago and finally on Tuesday the 13th September, Pete and Franck’s new baby was born. Tapas at the Foodbarn deli in the evenings has started. If you want a glass of wine in the evenings with delicious tapas style food that’s a little bit different to what you are used to in the village, pop in and enjoy mouth-watering dishes prepared by Phil Mansergh and his team. Of course Franck had something to do with the food, in case you were wondering.

In the front of house, Mike Lemin, will welcome and spoil you in true Foodbarn style. The knowledgeable staff will be able to guide you in your selection (which is the stressful part because everything is delicious) of dishes ranging from calamari and prawns to chorizo and churros.

There is more good news. The shop is open in the evenings as well so no more having to travel for your daily essentials.
The deli will be open from a Tuesday to a Saturday night from 6pm to 9pm so join us for a glass of wine and some Tapas before heading home at the end of the day.
See you there!  Click here for the menu