salmon tartare with avocado


serves 4

250g salmon flesh ( free of skin, bones and brown fat removed)
2T snipped chives
2T chopped coriander
4T olive oil
salt, pepper
juice of 1 lime

1 small ripe avocado, peeled and crushed with a fork:
add: little lemon juice, salt and 2T chopped basil
set aside

to garnish:

8T olive oil
4T soy sauce
4 pinches fresh sea lettuce
some kwepi mayo


mix the crushed avo with the lemon and basil, season
chop the salmon in small chunks using a sharp chefs knife on a cutting board
place the chopped salmon in a bowl
add the chives and coriander
add the olive oil, salt and pepper and mix well
add the lime juice


place 4 rings on the plates
divide the avo mix between the 4 rings
using a spoon, flatten the avo as a base inside each ring
now divide the salmon mix between the 4 rings
flatten the top using the spoon
remove the rings
garnish around the salmon tartare with little seaweed
you can also add 2 fresh oysters( out of their shells) to the plates (optional)
make little blobs on the plate with the kwepi mayo (optional)
drizzle with the olive oil and the soy