Ptc Legal Agreements

This broadcast user licensing agreement (“Agreement”) solution regulates your use of the solution, unless the solution includes a separate license agreement, in which case the terms of that license agreement apply. By downloading and/or using the solution, you indicate your consent to this contract, which contains the terms of a legal agreement between you and the solution provider. If you accept this agreement on behalf of a company or other corporation, you declare that you have the authority to join that entity in that agreement. If you do not have such power or if you do not agree with this Agreement, you cannot download or use the solution. The “date” of this agreement is the date you accepted this agreement. PTC may change the terms of this Agreement at any time by publishing the Updated Terms under This document describes the general legal conditions that apply to cloud or SaaS services. Each party is responsible for its own compliance with the laws, regulations and other legal requirements applicable to the activity and this agreement. In addition, you guarantee and guarantee that you will use the solution and associated technologies and services in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. You guarantee and make sure that neither you, neither of your directors, executives or related companies are on the U.S.

Treasury Department`s list of rejected persons, or the U.S. Department of State`s list of unsauthed persons, the U.S. Department of State`s list of non-proliferation sanctions, the U.S. Treasury Department`s list of designated and blocked persons, or the Sectoral Sanctions (IS) list. They recognize and accept that the solution and related technical data and services are subject to export control legislation and regulations from the United States and any country where the solution or related technical data or services are developed, received, downloaded, used or implemented. In addition, you understand and recognize that publishing software or technology to non-U.S. companies. No one inside the United States or elsewhere abroad is considered export to the non-U.S. the person`s country of origin or countries and that the transfer of the solution or technology associated with your employees, associated companies or third parties may require a license from the U.S. government and possibly other applicable authorities.

You are solely responsible for determining whether your use or transfer of the solution or technology or associated services requires an export license or authorization from the U.S. authorities or other authorities, and to guarantee all necessary authorizations. The solution may contain incorporated third-party software components for which additional conditions apply, and may allow access to the solutions provider`s services and websites (together and individually “third-party components”).