Pjva Model Agreements

The “Retooled Model CO-O Agreement” is now ready to be verified. This document has been significantly improved and expanded from the 1999 model and was developed in response to feedback from the VPA membership of almost the creation of the 1999 model. This seminar is for industry staff, who require a good understanding of the agreements usually used for the production of joint ventures for oil and gas. This seminar will contain a detailed review of the production agreements typically used in connection with conventional oil and gas production in Western Canada. The Unit Agreement and Unit Operating Agreement model of the Petroleum Joint Venture Association (PJVA) will be reviewed with a brief discussion on the current legal/regulatory factors that are required for the unit, unit incentives and the unit process. Other enterprise agreements that will be reviewed are the construction agreements, PJVA (compared to the previous form of the CO-O agreement), the PJVA-Modell-Gasverarbeitungsvereinbarung agreement, the gas transport agreement and the Well-Effluent water treatment and management agreement, as well as the new PJVA agreement for the well/operating contract. In addition, the seminar provides an overview of how third-party fees are generally structured. We invite you to review this new model and comment and comment with the Word downloadable comment template. This is a proposed Joint Operating Agreement, designed by the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN) to be used specifically for unconventional resource sets. This document reflects the common belief of the VPA and capL that the only effective and effective way to address the growing problem of common well pads without agreement is to create a previous document that can serve as a starting point for the vast majority of warranty sharing agreements.

This new model, with your support and input, becomes a robust and complete document. Please reply: taskforce@pjva.ca by March 1, 2019 The package of documents published on websites contains: Energy Express Educational Series A virtual educational experience helps you learn to grow – network with your colleagues To use the PSSA, you can order it online via PJVA order form publications – Word documents accompanied by the commented PDF document.