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They also give you grace once a year – so if you like the program, but just can`t afford a month or really nothing you can call and put it for a month without penalty. I tend to stock up on oils that I use for many months, where I don`t need much — lavender, lemon, thieves, etc. That`s what worked best for me. The agreement stipulates that you must order 50 PV per month. It`s true? I`ve been doing it for a whole year? Anyone who signs up for the Essential Rewards program and makes their first order will receive a $25 gift voucher to Tropical Traditions – my favorite online retailer. You can feed grass/pasturesWeed, eggs, organic foods, household and beauty products, and order the best coconut oil in the world. Watch Tropical Traditions HERE. Hello Betsy, yes, you can unsubscribe at any time without any penalty. The only thing you need to remember is that if you have accumulated points, you will want to use them before the cancellation, or they will leave if you cancel. In fact, that has changed and I need to update that contribution. To earn kit bonuses (if a new connection registers with a premium kit), the requirement is 50 PV commands (even combined orders per month!) In order to benefit from all other commissions, the requirement is 100 PV. Once you start winning regularly, it`s advantageous to do so because you save more in the process – or at least I realized that`s true for me.

One of the best advantages of connecting to someone is that you have installed a support system (although this can obviously vary from person to person). Your upline should be available to answer questions and help you build your team. We also offer a Facebook group for our team, which is a great way to connect and get support. This type of affiliation is registered as a “member” or “independent distributor” and requires the purchase of a starter kit that you can choose for yourself. These are great kits that range from $35 to $265. You only have to buy a start-up kit once to sign up — and they`re useful. Personally, I think the Premium Starter Kit ($165) is great value, and not just because it`s at the highest level. This kit comes with a diffuser (I like mine!) and contains eleven different oil bottles to launch you, a roll at the tip, 10 packets of samples (to use or share!), 10 sample bottles (these are so convenient) and materials that will help you familiarize yourself with the oils and how to use them.