Our Chef’s Table


A good few years ago now, we sat down with an old mate of ours who had just released his maiden vintages from the Napa Valley in California. We each contributed something from our cellars … and, we ate, we tasted, we compared, we laughed, we enjoyed, we even got deep and meaningful … and we finished late! Our now very popular chefs table was born.

It sounds so easy … we ask our winemaker mates to select the wines they would like to showcase. We taste, Cheffy gets inspired, a menu evolves, and the scene is set for our next memorable adventure.

Both Franck and the winemaker spend the afternoon with us … old vintages bring back memories, and new vintages provide an excuse to fill up the cellar. Franck is in his element and these afternoons provide a unique opportunity for him to push his creative boundaries, test new dishes and just have a damn fine time.

The Chef’s Tables scheduled for this “season” are:

Friday 5th October 2018: Avondale … check out the menu and pics from the day

Friday 9th November 2018: Cape Point Vineyards … check out the menu and pics from the day

Friday 7th December 2018: Beaumont Family Wines … check out the menu and the pics from the day

Friday 18th January 2019: Elemental Bob

Friday 15th February 2019: Raats Family Wines

Friday 29th March 2019: Cathy Marshall Wines

Friday 26th April 2019: Bouchard Finlayson