creation wines chefs table

Grant Back, a pilot, and one of our local Foodbarn regulars was flying guests to the Creation Wine Farm and was so taken with this place, he connected us with the farm, one thing led to another and the date for this Chefs table was set.

The first thing we do is taste the wine and very quickly, Cheffy established these delicious wines are very food friendly which makes them very easy to pair. Something else that he noticed was the reds have amazing ageing potential, so after a conversation with JC, the winemaker, a 2010 Shiraz and 2013 Pinot Noir were added to the mix. These wines are an amazing expression of the Hemel-en-Aarde valley and Cheffy’s menu is going to take us through another one of those magical Friday afternoons in the Foodbarn.

creation sauvignon blanc 2016
oysters, grapefruit cells, nasturtium oil
creation viognier 2016
fresh sashimi, cauliflower & lemon achar, chili & buttermilk vinaigrette
creation chardonnay reserve 2016
ash roasted celeriac & scallop gratin “vanille”
creation pinot noir reserve 2013
confied onion, truffle soubise, charred asparagus, tarragon oil
creation syrah 2010
jambon de Bayonne, crushed potato, melted raclette, trompettes mushrooms & home pickles
creation merlot reserve 2015
lamb loin, shallot petals, cinnamon jus, minted cumin yoghurt
passion fruit brulée, fresh mango, coconut sorbet

date: Friday 28th April 2017
time: from 12h00
cost: R965

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