celeriac remoulade tian


serves 4

for franck’s tapenade:
150g pitted black calamata olives 8 basil leaves, torn by hand
1t capers
1 anchovy fillet
1⁄2t tomato paste olive oil
red wine vinegar

for the remoulade:
1 medium celeriac bulb (about 500g)
about 150g homemade mayonnaise
juice of half a lemon

for the prawn fritters:
200ml ice-cold beer 130g self-raising flour
12 large tiger prawns (21/25), shelled and deveined

make the tapenade:

Place the olives, basil, capers, anchovy and tomato paste in the jug of a food processor and pulse while gradually drizzling in olive oil until you achieve the right texture. do not overprocess: it should be fairly chunky. add the vinegar only if needed (this will depend on the olives you use). use your judgment: close your eyes and taste it intelligently – and adjust the seasoning accordingly.

make the remoulade:

celeriac grows underground and must be enthusiastically peeled on a chopping board with a paring knife – get in there and take off about 1⁄2cm or up to a third of the gross weight, getting right to white flesh. your net weight should be about 400g. finely grate the peeled celeriac. Immediately mix in the mayonnaise and lemon juice. now taste it: is it yummy? Is it creamy enough? was your lemon big enough? adjust as needed.

for the fritters:

Preheat the fryer to 180 ̊c. Meanwhile, make the batter: place the beer in a food processor, turn it on and gradually pour in the self-raising flour to form a light batter.

the prawns cook quickly, so prepare each plate at this stage: using a recycled small tomato-paste tin with the top and base removed as a mould, spoon the remoulade into the centre of each plate.

Pour the batter into a bowl and add the prawns.

when frying the prawns, use your hands; if you use tools, you will drop the prawns in from too high, splattering hot oil all over yourself! Be careful but confident. take each prawn by the tail and check that it is covered in neither too little nor too much batter. slowly lower it into the oil; wait until the prawn is in contact with the oil and starts to bubble before letting go. cook 6 prawns simultaneously for 60 seconds until the batter is brown and crisp. raise the basket, drain for a few seconds and then place the prawns on paper towels. repeat to cook all the prawns, then season with salt.

arrange 3 prawns on top of the remoulade on each plate. to finish, drizzle with a little tapenade and eat!