home meals from the Deli

the portions bellow serves 2 pax (+/- 630g)  and 6 pax (+/- 1,9kg) these meals are frozen

veg lasagna R80 / R245
beef lasagna R105 / R335

beef meatballs in tomato sauce R105 / R320
chicken meatballs in tomato sauce R105 / R320

lamb curry R120 / R365
Thai chicken curry R100 / R308
Thai veg curry R75 / R245
butter chicken R95 / R308

lentil dal R74 / R245 (vegan)
ratatouille R90 / R280 (vegan)
chickpea & sweet potato tagine R75 / R245 (vegan)
basmati rice R20 / R128
moussaka R125 / R380
mac & cheese R80 / R245
cottage pie R90 / R280
fishcakes R55

pasta sauce “arrabbiata” (750ml) R95 (vegan)
pasta sauce “rucola” (750ml) R100 (vegan)
pasta sauce tomato (750ml) R95 (vegan)
pasta sauce creamy bacon, mushroom & pecorino (750ml) R125
pasta sauce creamy wild mushrooms, fontina & truffle oil (750ml) R135

butternut soup (750ml) R90
tomato & basil soup (750ml) R90 (vegan)
pea & mint soup (750ml) R90
cauliflower cheddar & chive soup (750ml) R90
broccoli, feta & coconut milk soup (750ml) R90
chunky vegetable soup with kale (750ml) R90 (vegan)

also remember, we are making extra: salads, pies, quiches and dips

quiches: individual serves 1 / large serves 4

Lorraine (bacon and cheese) R32 / R72

smoked chicken, cranberry and brie R35 / R75

butternut R30 / R65

pies: individual(serves 1)  / large serves 4 to 5 (the small pies are cooked daily and the large are frozen uncooked

beef and veggies R42 / R125
pork & red wine R42 / R130
chicken and mushroom R42 / R120
pepper steak R42 / R130
roasted vegetable with cheese sauce R42


email the gorgeous Queenie on info@thefoodbarn.co.za if you would like to order

view our certificate to operate: B2006113110


re-heating instructions

reheating instructions for our frozen meals:

from frozen:
place in the preheated oven at 180c with the lid on for 45min
when done, remove the lid and serve

from defrosted:
place in the preheated oven at 180c with the lid on for 30min
when done, remove the lid and serve

reheating instructions for our frozen large pies:

from frozen:
place in the preheated oven at 180c with the lid on for 60min

from defrosted:
place in the preheated oven at 180c with the lid on for 45min


March Wine Wednesday …

Date: Wednesday 18th March @ 6:30pm


Venue: The Foodbarn Tapas Bar


on arrival: Sécateurs Chenin Blanc
(an all time favourite from Adi Badenhorst)


Klein Serring Sémillon / Sauvignon blanc 2018
(grown and made just down the road from us)

smoked fingerling sweet potatoes, roasted cauliflower, ginger & coriander verde, curry oil


Cederberg Bukettraube 2019
(from one of the only remaining Bukettraube vineyards in the Cape)

prawns beignets with avo, aubergine & tomato tian, chili syrup, basil salsa


Eikendal Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
(our favourite Cab Sav … well this week anyway)

seared beef fillet, ratatouille tuile, black olive jus, sautéd potatoes


hibiscus poached pears, oats milk & clove ice ceam


R415 all in

first wine Wednesday this year

Superb wines, delicious tapas, great company … conviviality at its best … come join us on Wednesday 19th Feb at 7pm in the Tapas Bar


on arrival: Foodbarn rosé (Haberer)


Foodbarn SB  2019 (Iona)

seared tuna, cauliflower achar, ginger & coriander salsa, aioli


Foodbarn grenache noir 2017 (Ken Forrester)

pulled chicken & red beans taco, cumin sour cream


Foodbarn Shiraz 2017 (Ken Forrester)

seared springbok loin, polenta galette, burnt sage butter


ripe figs, gorgonzola, sourdough toasts


R415 pp (food, wine & service included)


chat to the gorgeous Queenie to book your place

0217891390 || info@thefoodbarn.co.za

Wine Wednesday with Boschkloof

on arrival: Boschkloof SB 2019


shucked atlantic oysters, seaweed, ponzu, coriander oil

Boschkloof SB 2019


fresh asparagus & pea risotto

Boschkloof Chardonnay 2018


steak tartare tapas

Boschkloof Cab / Merlot 2017


seared duck breast, kumquats, spring potatoes

Boschkloof Syrah 2018


strawberries & custard

R415 pp all in

The people in our lives: Tim Newton

Tim Newton is our head baker! The man that makes our delicious pastries and breads and has been with the Foodbarn since 2006. If you have tasted our bread, you will know that he is sincerely passionate about making bread. Quietly going about his work, you don’t really hear Tim say much at all and you have probably never interacted with him but he is a huge part of the success of our bread and pastry selection.

What do you most enjoy about working at the Foodbarn?

I love this environment and I really enjoy my team. The back up I receive from Franck is inspiring. He is a motivator and I respect his gift as a chef. It always amazes me that he is never at a loss for an idea.

What are the challenges of this job

The main issue is time keeping as well as keeping up with the demand.

Our bakers start at 3am and even then, a lot of times some of our items sell out before lunch time.

What part of the work do you enjoy most?

Bread is my favourite, its something that I have grown in to. I find that baking over the last ten years has become so interesting, it is not a static thing and I find it stimulating because it is actually not mundane and it is not the same thing every day. Each day, I am looking to improve.

What do you get up to when you are not baking?

I spend a lot of time walking my dog (anyone who knows Tim, will know that his dog is the number one love of his life). I like to read and spend time with friends. I certainly do not spend time watching tv. I know that I need a rest when I get home from work so that I can begin my day again at 3am. Its not that I am anti social but this job makes it a bit difficult to be social. I have enough of everything I need.

Tim grew up in Kalk Bay and then went to school at Sacs. After school he took up baking at the Western Cape Training Centre. After a stint in Fish Hoek, he ended up at Olympia Cafe and learned the craft from the late great Dave Jones. He is the man who taught him how to make bread and pastries. After that he joined the Farmstall at the Farm Village before it became the Foodbarn. Finally when The Foodbarn came along, Tim was already here. You could say that Tim was here before inception.

What do you see happening in this country?

I spent a lot of time travelling and in 1996 I left London during Winter to come back to South Africa. It was a marvellous time and that is what I think about. We are going through a difficult time but we need to move on and everyone needs to continue on.

Tim has a passion for the Xhosa language.” How can we communicate with our fellow South Africans if we cannot communicate in their language? Some time ago I re connected with my Xhosa teacher.  I speak it to my team as much as I can and Sheila (our Deli Chef) and Aubrey Batala (our other baker) help me by speaking to me in Xhosa.

A few years ago at an awards evening at The Foodbarn, Tim stood up and made a speech to thank his team in Xhosa! Everyone was blown away.

“As for my future at the Foodbarn, I am comfortable where I am.

What can you say to young people out there that are thinking of becoming bakers?

You have to be disciplined and avoid partying too hard because this will clash with your career. You have to make sacrifices but the rewards are worth it. If this is what you are interested in, it is worth it.

Tim is not a man of many words, he prefers to go quietly about his day, covered in flour and dough and going about the business of creating a delicious sourdough or a rye bread.

The next time you drop by, pop your head in to the bakery at the far end of the deli and meet the man that bakes. The real baker!

The people in our lives (Aunty) Caroline Daniels

Caroline Daniels walks with purpose through the parking lot and into the Foodbarn Deli. She is carrying precious cargo; the freshly baked goodies she is going to stack lovingly on the shelves.

You can spot Caroline with her brightly coloured tights from a mile.

Aunty Caroline is THE darling of the Deli. She makes the cakes and tarts and some pies as well as biscuits that keep our customers coming back for more good old traditional baking. She is a 58 year old “force” that has been baking for us for the last 13 years. Caroline loves to create things and everything is “my favourite”.

Her work day begins at 5am when her husband drops her off. “This is when I like to start the day and get my things in order. This is what I have always wanted to do”

But that is a very long day? “I don’t get tired”

Do you enjoy eating the goodies that you make? “Yes, and I love them all but I really enjoy the pies”

Caroline is a mother of two and a grandmother to three lucky kids. “I like to take them shopping and I end up buying them things instead of myself. I do their homework with them and I really enjoy maths” Caroline gets tears in her eyes when she speaks of her grandchildren.

Do you bake at home? “No, at home, I cook”.

What is the most important thing your children learned from you? “School is the most important thing, you have to finish school. My daughter is a travel agent and my son works for Community Chest in Cape Town”

What do you think is the issue with our country, is it a success? “There is nothing wrong with the people of this nation, it’s the people that run it that have a problem”

What do you do for fun? “I love to read and watch tv and go shopping.”

What do you most enjoy about working at The Foodbarn? “I love the fact that I can be creative. When somebody tells me that they loved their birthday cake, it’s like heaven for me. I enjoy the respect I get from my bosses and the things I have learned from them. When I started working here, I thought, “I really like these guys” and nothing has changed.”

What is it like working in this tiny kitchen so close to your colleagues? “I don’t mind the space and I really like the people I work with. This is my last job”. Caroline giggles. “I’m staying here until I retire if they will have me”

What do aspiring bakers need to know? “Creating something requires you to do it correctly from the beginning until the end. You have to be precise with measurements and time. It’s not like baking on tv!”

Caroline or Aunty Kay as we like to call her is always up for a laugh and she enjoys the naughty jokes. When you tell her something funny, she normally responds with a funnier chirp or she scrunches up her face and giggles like a young girl but this woman is no joke. She is at the very core of a big part of this business and we value and love her!

So who is Caroline Daniels? Caroline gives me her naughty smile and says:”I am a woman of mystery” and once again she makes me laugh. She is not a woman of many words but her actions speak volumes.

Pop in to the biscuit kitchen behind the deli and say hi to Caroline, she may even give you a little off-cut to taste!

Wine Wednesday: May 29th

on arrival:  Eikendal rosé


crunchy fish taco with cauliflower & lime mousseline, smoked chili & chickpeas

Eikendal Sauvignon blanc 2018


poached baby leeks, pecorino sauce, poached egg, black pepper

Eikendal Chardonnay 2017


grilled duck breast, potato croquette, roasted jus with cabernet

Eikendal Classique 2015


sourdough, caramelised onion and raclette “tartine”

Eikendal Pinotage 2017


R425 (incl food, wine and service)

in the Foodbarn Tapas Bar

Wed 29th May @ 18h30

The people in our lives: Aubrey Batala

Aubrey Batala gets up at 2am every morning and his first thought is whether or not his car is still in the driveway. “After I check my car, I get ready for work”.
Aubrey is a baker at The Foodbarn and has been a part of the team since this business started in 2006.
“I make sure that I pick up my two colleagues and we are at the Deli by 3am”.
Aubrey has worked in the kitchen and in the bakery over the years but he says that the bakery is his favourite. “I really respect Pete and Franck as well as Tim (the head baker) because they make me feel like I am seen. Sometimes I see Tim pacing up and down and I know exactly what he is looking for”
A much respected member of the Masiphimelele community and The Foodbarn, Aubrey speaks of his concerns with the Youth these days. “My father died when I was very young so I was brought up by my mother. I am a lot like her. She is not happy if she is not helping someone. I get my smile from her. I am respected because I believe that respect is mutual, I treat everyone equally. I am not interested in how much money you have”

Life has not always been kind to you, you have lost three children.
“Yes, I think about my son because he died in my arms on a soccer pitch. He was ten years old. He loved soccer; he would have been a star. My other child was knocked over by a taxi at the age of two and my little girl died as an infant”.
You are a soccer coach, how do you find the time?
“I coach soccer in Masi when the kids finish school in the afternoons”
And then you go home to rest?
“First I much watch the soapies, I like the scandalous ones”.
What do you like to eat at the deli?
“At the moment I really love eating our oats breakfast dish.
You spend a lot of time with children, what is the problem with kids today?
“In my day, our boys would go to the bush at about the age of twenty. That transition from boyhood to manhood is very important. These days they go there too young and some of the die. The girls these days are far more outspoken and independent. I have learned that, in my marriage, silence is best when there is conflict. I teach my son that you never lay hands on a woman.”

When Aubrey is asked how he feels about the upcoming elections he simply says:” I smell a rat, there are just too many parties. We need to face the issue of crime and overcrowding in our townships and people must start respecting each other regardless of their different cultures. South Africa has been a better country”.
Its hard to believe that someone who has faced such tragedy is able to come to work and be a constant delight. And at a time when most people are sleeping!
If you walk past the bakery and spot Aubrey, say Hi, his face will light up and it will make your day.

wine wednesday March 2019

wine wednesday @ tapas

20th March 2019 @ 18h30


classic caprese: buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, olive oil & vinegar

foodbarn rosé (grenache, shiraz,  cab franc)


moules marinière; steamed with white wine, garlic cream & parsley

foodbarn house white 2017 (sauvignon blanc / semillon)


soft fish taco with crunchy cabbage, tomato and 48 coriander & chipotle mayo

foodbarn “the hoek” chenin/ chardonnay 2018


provencal lamb stew with crunchy young vegetables and crouton

foodbarn the dunes rouge 2017  (syrah/ grenache)


goats cheese fritter with plum

foodbarn house red 2014 (50% cabernet franc 50% cabernet sauvignon)


R395 pp all in


Christmas & New Year 2018


At the Foodbarn Restaurant

  • Christmas Eve (24th Dec) and Christmas Lunch menu (25th Dec)
    • Will be a 4 course menu with amuse bouche, palate cleanser and coffee or tea included; you will have the choice between 4 starters, 4 fish course, 4 main course and 4 desserts. The price of these menus is R895.00 per person
    • The Christmas kids menu (3 course) is R300 per child under 12. 
  • The New Years Eve menu (31st Dec)
    • There will be a 4 course menu with amuse bouche, palate cleanser and coffee or tea included; you will have the choice between 4 starters, 4 fish course, 4 main course and 4 desserts.
    • There will be a new year’s eve party in the restaurant starting at 11pm until 2am.
    • The price of The New Years’ Eve menu and party is R995 per person.

At the Foodbarn Tapas Bar

  • We will be open on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve and NOT Christmas lunch
  • There is no upfront charge; eat what you want, drink what you like, and enjoy the awesome vibe that is Tapas … we look forward to hanging with you


All these prices exclude beverages and service charge and a 10% gratuity will be added to your final bill automatically.

Please note that in order to secure your reservation, we require a 100% non- refundable deposit of the food bill.

On these occasions, we do not allow corkage.

We are unable to do transactions with your credit card details (these payments can only be made in person). If you are paying from an overseas account we are able to generate a pay pal invoice for your convenience.

Electronic payment can be made to:

The Foodbarn Restaurant


Branch Code: 123209

Account: 1096126362

Should you wish to make a reservation, please contact us on (021) 789-1390, or info@thefoodbarn.co.za – Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm.


The menu for the Foodbarn Restaurant is:

first course

tuna tartare: with fresh atlantic oysters, noordhoek seaweed salad, ponzu, togarashi & lime aioli, trout roe raviole

wild mushrooms & ricotta, seared shiitake, fontina and tarragon cream

springbok tartare: hand chopped, nasturtium tartare sauce, cranberry ketchup, croutons

wild​ prawns: sticky rice ball, chili roasted pineapple, lime & palm sugar, curry oil


second course

gratin d’asperges: green asparagus, home smoked trout, artichoke and white truffle gratin sauce

peri-peri swordfish: cauliflower brandade, almond aioli, parsley oil

fish “provençale”: ethically caught fish, grilled with fennel seeds, ratatouille in brik, lightly Pernod scented mussel velouté

goats cheese: melting in panko crust, red wine pears, aubergine caviar, wild leaves, roasted hazelnuts & noordhoek vinegar syrup


third course

mild kimchi brik roll (vegan): sweet potato mousseline, tender leaves, gomasio, soy syrup & sriracha drops

risotto: sun-dried and roasted tomato, parmesan & asiago, mustard seed mascarpone

karoo lamb rack: roasted with crumbs and sliced: candied onion & olive tart, tender mesclun leaves, rich basil jus

grilled duck breast: mash beignet, bitter leaves, pepper, brandy & truffle jus



roasted pépé goats cheese: roasted st maure goats cheese, figs cooked in vanilla syrup

raspberries: on honeyed brioche, vanilla chiboust, brik, jasmine sorbet

christmas chocolate pot: milk chocolate & cinnamon pot, white chocolate mousse, dark chocolate sauce, shortbread fingers

strawberries & rhubarb: fresh strawberries, rhubarb fondue, rosemary cream, vanilla s’mores


and for kids …


Prawn fritters: truffle & fontina cream, tender leaf shoots

grilled sustainable fish: sautéed potatoes, lemon and herb butter


pasture reared beef sirloin: mash potato beignet, yummy jus and carrots


brownie: warm dark chocolate brownie, gianduja chocolate marquise, vanilla sauce, hazelnut ice cream