Authority To Enter Into Agreement Clause

No conflict – This presentation means that the conclusion of this agreement and the obligations of the party under the agreement are not inconsistent with other legal obligations of the party, obligations arising from other conventions, statutes or charters, for example. Massachusetts Commonwealth laws govern the validity, construction and impact of this agreement. All complaints arising from this agreement, wherever they are derived, will be resolved in Hampshire County, In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Example 1 (base:): This contract comes into effect on [date] and expires on [date]. The university reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time with a period of time – for any reason or without cause. The apparent authority refers to the authority of an officer from the point of view of a third party. When a third party reasonably believes, because of the actions of the client, that the agent has the authority, the client may, according to the theory of overt authority, be linked to the actions of the agent. contentious. No member is the subject of an act, procedure or investigation and, to the knowledge of each member, there is no threat of recourse, procedure or investigation against that member who, if decided against the Member, would reasonably expect that the Member`s ability to fulfil his obligations under this agreement would be significantly affected or have a significant negative effect on that member. has the power and power to hold its assets and to continue its commercial activities as such on the date of entry into force and as stipulated in this agreement, the courts are less likely to impose a contract on a party who had unconscionable expectations, who improperly relied on something in this agreement.

The presentations set out what the parties can reasonably count on. Execution and delivery. The parties duly executed and complied with the agreement. was duly authorized to conclude this agreement. Thank you for registering for a subscription to Optimizely, Inc. (“Optimizely,” “we” or “us”). By placing an order, clicking on the acceptance of this Agreement, or accessing an Optimizely service or related services, you accept all the terms of these Terms of Use (“Agreement”). If you use an Optimizely Service or related services on behalf of a company or other entity, “customer” or “you” means that entity, and you are bound to that agreement.