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Wine Wednesday: May 29th

on arrival:  Eikendal rosé ~ crunchy fish taco with cauliflower & lime mousseline, smoked chili & chickpeas Eikendal Sauvignon blanc 2018 ~ poached baby leeks, pecorino sauce, poached egg, black pepper Eikendal Chardonnay 2017 ~ grilled duck breast, potato croquette, roasted jus with cabernet Eikendal Classique 2015 ~ sourdough, caramelised onion and raclette “tartine” Eikendal […]

The people in our lives: Gladys Mhlekwa

I walk outside in to the courtyard and find Gladys Mhlekwa washing the restaurant chairs.I take a chair and tell her that I would like to know more about her. Gladys giggles an infectious giggle of a young girl and starts telling me about herself.“I used to work at the KFC in Fish Hoek and […]

The people in our lives: Aubrey Batala

Aubrey Batala gets up at 2am every morning and his first thought is whether or not his car is still in the driveway. “After I check my car, I get ready for work”. Aubrey is a baker at The Foodbarn and has been a part of the team since this business started in 2006. “I […]

The people in our lives: James Zvinanamo

Nelson Mandela said: “My country is rich in minerals and gems that lie beneath its soil, but I have always known that its greatest wealth is its people, finer and truer than the purest diamonds.” The Foodbarn Family is a huge part of what makes this business. We would like to acknowledge these gems and […]

wine wednesday March 2019

wine wednesday @ tapas 20th March 2019 @ 18h30 menu classic caprese: buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, olive oil & vinegar foodbarn rosé (grenache, shiraz,  cab franc) ~ moules marinière; steamed with white wine, garlic cream & parsley foodbarn house white 2017 (sauvignon blanc / semillon) ~ soft fish taco with crunchy cabbage, tomato and 48 […]

elemental Bob

  a chef and a winemaker, Elemental bob ~ Palomino 2017 on arrival ~ Read your head chardonnay 2017 pear, sea bass crudo, yuzu emulsion, white flowers ~ White blend 2016 green mango, sticky rice, seared wild prawns, lemongrass ~ White blend 2015 chermoula aubergine, coconut & mild chili, saffron seared quail ~ Cinsault Pinot […]

beaumont chefs table

a chef and a winemaker … Sebastian Beaumont ~ On arrival: Chenin Blanc 2018 ~ New Baby 2017 Seared wild prawns, chili roasted pineapple, lime, palm sugar, curry oil ~ Hope Marguerite 2009 and 2017 Flame grilled duck breast, sweet potatoes, kimchi crispy roll, ginger jus ~ Pinotage 2015 Trout & pickled grape millefeuille, fig […]

cheffy’s recipes: oil bread (fougasse à l’huile)

Ingredients: 1kg flour 20g salt1 and 1/2  sachet (15g) instant yeast 750ml luke warm water Makes 2 baking trays, enough for 12 people Method: To make the dough for this bread, combine in a large bowl, adding the water last. If you have an electric mixer, work it with the ‘hand’ (K-beater) attachment on a low […]

The Foodbarn Gives Back: Round 2

“Many of our Foodbarn tribe have been with us right from the beginning … August 2006 to be precise. Together, we have worked some viciously long hours, endured some hardships, and shared many special moments. In spite of the crap that the so called leaders of our amazing country dish out on a daily basis, […]