marvelous chefs table



on arrival: ‘the inside track’ mcc 2014


marvelous yellow 2015

tuna tataki, crunchy julienne, kimchi, peanut & lime vinaigrette


marvelous rosé 2017

wild mushroom parfait, san Danielle, parmesan brulée, thyme brioche


yardstick chardonnay 2014

quail salad with frisée, grilled oyster, yuzu & truffle


marvelous red 2014

burnt galette with fennel fondue, tomato confit, smoked pork belly & nasturtium paste


yardstick pinot noir 2014

celeriac, seared salmon, trompettes des morts, smoked jus


marvelous blue 2015

pasture beef with fat, ratatouille, radish shoots, braising jus


muscat de frontignan “special project” 2017

strawberries and milk: ripe strawberries, stewed strawberries, milk sorbet, rosemary milk cream & strawberry sorbet


When: Friday 25th August 2017 @ 12h00

Where: Foodbarn Restaurant

How much: R965 all in