Deposits on tables of 6 or more …

We take enormous pride in our restaurant … to make sure we bring you the uncompromising quality you have become used to. This means ordering the right quantities of the freshest ingredients and scheduling the right amount of people.

Unfortunately, it has become commonplace for some guests (quite often our regulars) to either not inform us they are no longer joining us, or simply arrive with significantly less people than originally booked for.

The ramifications for us over the year are significant and with food costs spiralling out of control, our efforts to keep our prices reasonable are seriously compromised.

This is the main rationale behind our request for deposits for tables of 6 or more.

It is not our intention to annoy you or to imply any potential dishonest behaviour; it is really just us making sure that we give ourselves the best chance of continuing to provide the best quality

We welcome your concerns, take them very seriously, and thank you for your understanding.

Franck & Pete