books at the barn…

Books at The Barn

Right from the beginning, Keith’s Barn Books have been such a popular feature of the Deli. The poor guy has been shunted from one side of the building to the other, from upstairs to downstairs, and finally to the now not so new Deli location.

Notwithstanding, he has kept the amazing collection of second hand books very much a prominent and well loved feature. If you are looking for a book, or you want to offload some of yours, or you just want to share, head on to Keith’s new Facebook page, give him a like, and enjoy.

I honestly cannot imagine the Deli without Barn Books… no way!

delicious beetroot

Beetroot at The Foodbarn Deli

Field Marshall Montgomory is reputed to have exhorted his troops to ‘take favours in the beetroot fields’, a euphemism for visiting prostitutes. We think one can have more fun with this delicious veg!

Thats why we are selling organic beetroot (sourced locally) in the Deli.

Whether its roasted, grilled, boiled or juiced, one can take advantage of the rich source of potent antioxidents and nutrients.

Come and get it!