buy 12 get 12 free

Our mates at Nitida wine farm in Durbanville are in the middle of harvest and they have run out of space in their cellar. So, they urgently need to clear 1,600 bottles of a superb wine. It is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc (70%) and lightly wooded Semillon (30%) that RJ (their wine maker) bottled under another label “Sublime”

Franck and I tasted it on Monday and it is going straight onto our wine list so we have taken quite a few already.

So, here is the deal:

Normal price per bottle … R90

If you buy 12, we’ll give you 12 free … brings the price down to R45 / bottle (incl) … you save R1,000 … happy days indeed!

Only paid orders of 12 will be taken and the offer expires at the end of the day on Monday 18th Feb.

You will also need to fetch from the Deli before the end of next week ie the 22nd.


the email that made my year….

so yesterday i received this mail…

Hi Franck

I have been a huge fan of yours since you were at La Colombe and I lived down the road in Tokai. I now live in Blouberg which sadly is rather far from your fantastic restaurant. My husband and I do however make numerous pilgrimages during the year to come and enjoy your supeeerb food!

My old Constantia Uitsig cookbook is by far the most splattered one among my many cookbooks! My hubby and I fight over who is going to make what in it. I must say he makes a killer Prawn Tian! We sadly could not find a copy of Feast anywhere so it was with great excitement that in my weekly newsletter I saw that your new cookbook was coming out. Of course it went to the top of our Christmas wish list! So far everything we have made out of it has been awesome!!! The crux of this very long story is to tell you that our 6 year old Eugenie Amelie (ok so we are Francophiles!) is a huge foodie. Your section on how to prepare garden snails was met with great glee and off she went to harvest my least favourite pest! I have attached the photos of the process which ensued. I have to confess that I was too squeamish to be involved in this heinous crime so my hubby helped her. They said they were fabulous! I will never know!

Thank you so much for your passion and the wonderful way in which you do the best food in Cape Town without any pretension.

Kind regards,
Lisa and Henri

P.S. Your cookbooks are referred to as the First and Second testament in our home!

and take a look at the pics…

Eugenie Amelie is picking snails…

after degorgment, the snails are salted…

add a little herbs to the poaching..

out of the shell

into the pan with garlic and butter

and into a fabulous sarmie !!!

well, let me tell you, this kind of things are what make our lives that much more exciting !!!

Eugenie Amelie, a few more years and you’re welcome in my kitchen !!!