our thoughts on sustainable fish

Our twitter feeds were awash this week-end with talk about green listed fish and the lack thereof from our local suppliers … which is great as the more people we can influence to be responsible about which fish they chose to eat, the better.

It all started when Cheffy “a pris les boules” (French for got the “moer in”) as he could not procure any fresh green listed fish. So he did what he does best … got creative!

Which fish can we get every day, is fresh, green listed and is understatedly delicious? Great examples are Hake and Angel fish. A common perception is that these are best served wrapped up in newspaper with slap chips as a take away … I agree they are superb prepared like this but it can also be brought to life in our restaurants.

Cue … Hake or Angel fish done three ways … Franck’s ingenious solution to a very current problem for us. Today, Angel fish is getting the FD treatment … check it out

If you are keen to read-up a little more about this topic … a very useful resource is the South African Sustainable Seafood Initiatives website.

from “Feast at Home” by Franck Dangereux. Photo Craig Fraser.