we love what we do …

So, I receive this email a little earlier today from Lisa …


For the past two years since I moved back to Cape Town, I have come to your restaurant almost every Saturday at half past two in the afternoon to visit my 83 year old grandmother, Jo. She is a really special person in my life, and I wanted to thank you, and your fantastic staff for always taking such great care of us.

Take, for instance, a couple of weeks ago. I was waiting for my gran as usual (I always make sure I get there a little early so she doesn’t have to stand and wait for a table).

She came bustling in, and we hugged hello. Just as she sat down before we had even mentioned anything to your staff, over came her usual filter coffee with hot milk. Edward was in the corner busy with another table and he winked at us. He always asks after my gran when I arrive and greets us both with the biggest smile and he had thoughtfully asked our waitress (Melissa, who is also fantastic) to send over the coffee when he saw her coming through the door.

Last week my gran forgot the pillow she usually brings with her, and straight away the manager on duty came across with a pillow without us even asking.

In fact, every time we’re there, we are always greeted with kindness and given outstanding service, no matter how weird my food requests (I am a gluten-free vegan) nor how crotchety my gran gets. (She’s usually lovely, but has been known to be rather bossy and slightly demanding when it comes to getting her food and condiments and serviettes and goodness knows what else asap).

Aside from the quality of your food, it is your staff who ensure we come back again and again.
This is a big thank you to everyone from the wait staff to the managers and the chefs and cooks in the kitchen at the Food Barn. Thank you for always brightening our days.


So, naturally I respond with a big thank you

She then sends me this link which I just had to share…

Need to do this way more often …

foodbarn tapas… an ideal venue for a celebration

As many of you have already found out, the Tapas Bar has fast become a popular venue for any celebration. Whether you are getting together for book club, your companies end of year work function or a birthday party, we offer the ideal location for a kick-ass evening!

The added bonus is that your wallet will not feel the pressure … for tables of 10 or more, we offer a R150 menu incorporating the delicious tastes and textures from Franck’s menu … and a very reasonably priced wine list.

Contact Mike on 021 789 1966 or mike@thefoodbarn.co.za to arrange your evening.