giving someone a chance …

A couple of weeks back, Sarah from THANDAFRIKA contacted me with an awesome idea … she has started a small project where she places previously disadvantaged people in local business’s where they can learn a variety of skills by working alongside skilled people. She feels that the Foodbarn Deli and Tapas is an ideal place for this and we happen to agree.

Fast forward to last Sunday and Mawethu November from Masiphumelele joined our bakery team at 3am :-).

Tim and his team are going to teach Mawethu to bake and Thandafrika are going to pay him during his ‘apprenticeship’  … what a great way to make a difference.

I got an email from Sarah today … “It was a happy day indeed seeing the transformation in Mawethu after just a few days, unbelievable and thanks so much again, it made my heart sing”.

Well, all I have to say is … no, no, no … THANK YOU Sarah for bringing this idea to us. I say this quite often but I’m going to say it again … there are many reasons why we love what we do … here is another one!
We look forward to keeping you up-to-date on Mawethu’s progress.

meet heather… our 3rd year student from silwood

We are passionate about many things at the Foodbarn … one of them is working with talented and committed students who are starting their career in hospitality. So, we work closely with Alicia Wilkinson from the Silwood School of Cookery who send us their eager chickens from their second year already.

This year, we were very lucky to have Heather Parry, the avid reader and passionate dessert maker from Zimbabwe, work with us for her 3rd year. To graduate, Heather had to prepare a multiple course meal for around 25 of her closest friends which had to include all the honcho’s from Silwood. Let me tell you … these exams are damn hectic and can cause many meltdowns in the lead-up to the big event.

However, we have a secret weapon at the Foodbarn and that is Head Chef Kerry Warren; she makes sure that all the chickens don’t lose their heads and all our 3rd years graduate top-of-class. We are sure this will be the case with Heather. Her exam luncheon went effortlessly which is testimony to her resolve and calm attitude, especially under pressure. Heather is one of those people that you do not hear a lot from but boy, she makes it happen in the kitchen!
She started cooking at a very young age with her Gran (who was an avid baker) and has thoroughly enjoyed working with Franck and Kerry … especially when she got to run her own section in the Foodbarn kitchen. In fact, she enjoyed working at the Foodbarn so much, we have managed to lure her back after graduation … or is this because her and Luke (from the front-of-house) are now an item ??? Whatever the reason, we are very excited that Heather is going to continue her career with us … welcome back to the Crazy Barn Heather 🙂

the arch came for dinner…

How often have you heard what an amazing human being Archbishop Desmond Tutu is? Just wait until you meet the man in the flesh! We were privileged to host a dinner on behalf of the Institute for Accountability in South Africa (IFAISA) where the man was the main speaker.

What a humbling experience it was to have him grace our ‘Barn’ with his presence.

He insisted on making time to meet the staff in the kitchen…

‘A person is a person because he recognises others as persons’
Archbishop Desmond Tutu