La Table du Chef


About two years ago, we sat down with an old mate of ours, Gerry McSharry, who had just released his maiden vintages from the Napa Valley in California. We each contributed something from our cellars … and, we ate, we tasted, we compared, we laughed, we enjoyed, we even got deep and meaningful … and we finished late!

La table du chef was born.

We ask our winemaker mates to dig deep in their cellars, find their favourite vintages and let us know. Franck then invents a dish that is paired to the varietal. Sometimes a winemaker will even bring a still cloudy bottle from one of their barrels … just to see how it stacks up with food.

Both Franck and the winemaker spend the afternoon with us … old vintages bring back memories, and new vintages provide an excuse to fill up the cellar. Franck is in his element and these afternoons provide a unique opportunity for him to push his creative boundaries, test new dishes and just have a damn fine time.

The following are the dates for 2018:

Friday 23rd February 2018: Ken Forrester

Friday 16th March 2018: John Laubser

Friday 6th April 2018: Iona

Friday 11th May 2018: Avondale

Friday 15th June 2018: Elemental Bob

Friday 20th July 2018: Beaumont

Friday 24th August 2018: Raats

Friday 5th October 2018: Bouchard Finlayson

Friday 9th November 2018: Cape Point Vineyards

And in December we will probably do another “All Stars” where we pick our favourites over the whole year